to develop a mobility app for the region of Carinthia

The challenge

Within a timeframe of 48 hours you give everything in a team to turn this vision into (virtual) reality:

You travel to a destination using different means of transport (train, bus, taxi, car sharing, bike) and there is no need to buy any ticket because your mobile device will gather all the information about your trip, chooses the best option for you and registers each check-in and check-out in the different used vehicles along your journey accordingly to the distance.

More information and the legal terms and conditions you find here.


What needs to be build at the hackathon:

  • A widely accessible system that only requires a one-time registration and a smart phone or similar communication device and a corresponding APP.
  • User experience should be made as simple as possible.
  • The stabilty of the system is essential and it must be prevented that errors are recorded whilst using the system (for example, by passing vehicles)
  • The implementation of various providers should work easily.
  • The investment in vehicles should be as low as possible.
  • Users should not need to select any criteria about rates, location or route (no normal: one way ticket from Klagenfurt to Villach).
  • The user should either press the „start button“ when entering the means of transport or automatically be registered.
  • Data that needs to be collected on the phone and send to a central server: embarkation, disembarkation, the route, the bus line or train and the user ID.
  • It should be possible to register more people (e.g. – you want to take a child with you)
  • Monitoring bodies must have the possibility to check at any time whether the user regularly pays for the service or a fare dodger is on the way.
  • Unfair use of the service must be prevented as well as the improper use of the recorded data.

Find here some additional information for the challenge concerning public transport system in Carinthia:



Also here you can find the SHARE files of the busstations in Carinthia.


When and where?

24.- 26.6.2016

Seminarhotel Seppenbauer
St.Salvator 9361, Carinthia/Austria



All selected particpants will be invited to spend the weekend at a 4 stars-hotel in Carinthia covering all expenses for travel, accomodation and mentoring.

Whom we seek

Teams of high performing professionals currently residing at the Alpe Adria Region (min. 3 years of professional experience in software & hardware development, interface designers, logistics, product design, product development, telecommunications, mobile technologies, CMS, at least 18 years old, fluent in English).

Apply now!

Deadline for sending your application is the 3rd of June (noon, 12 am).
Selection announcement on 6th of June 2016.

We will choose the 20 best applications from each country and then select the 4 most promising participants from each country for „What the hack!“.

Get in touch with us for more info: wthhackathon@gmail.com

Country Representatives:

Austria Sabrina Schifrer & Martina Linzer Alpe-Adria Coworking
Bosnia-Herzegowina Edin Saracevic Hub387
Croatia Matija Raos Croatia Coworking
Italy Laura Sgreccia Warehouse
Serbia Nova Iskra Nova Iskra & Start-it
Slovenia Amanda Gray & Luka Piskoric Poligon
Rest of the World  Sabrina Schifrer & Martina Linzer Alpe-Adria Coworking


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Sponsored by Institut für Technologie und alternative Mobilität

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